Administrative Assistant

We are seeking 1 full time (30-40 hours/week) person to join our team as Administrative Assistant. (Closes March 4th, anticipated start day is March 11th)

The successful candidate will work closely with all office staff to assist in the daily operations of Youth Unlimited, be involved in mobilizing and overseeing volunteers, planning fundraising/special events, and seeking out and applying for grants. Strong administrative and organizational skills, strong interpersonal and social skills, working knowledge of computer programs and an overall attitude of serving and support is the heartbeat of this position. Salary is determined on a scale based on education and experience, and is funded partially on a missionary basis - requiring the gathering of a personal support team.

Candidate must have a strong commitment to live a Christ-centered life.

Administrative Assistant

Location: Lacombe
Contact: info(at)
Date Posted: February 19, 2019
Posted Under: Full Time, Office

Application Form (PDF) Reference Form (PDF)

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