The Truth Behind Social Media

I have seen some pretty disheartening things on Social Media. It's a vehicle we often use to boast and to compare ourselves to others, and it doesn't exactly reflect the truth of what's happening in our lives. But lately, God has opened by eyes to a really beautiful side of Social Media! Through posting about our mission, our heart, our desires and our needs, I have seen many people rally together to provide funds or items that we are in need of. Through creating e-News blasts, I have seen needed volunteers step forward, fundraisers attended and our vision cast to many. I want you so desperately to understand that what you're doing on your end of the computer really does have a huge impact on the youth in Central Alberta! Every like, every comment, every share and every story read helps us spread the love of Jesus to youth in 7 communities. Thank YOU for bringing out the beautiful side of Social Media.

Paige Brose - Administrative Assistant

Posted: July 15, 2019
Category: E-News - General

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