The "Why"

If I had to use one word to describe the season I’m in right now, I would say it’s overwhelming. Being enrolled in the Coalition for Youth Ministry Excellence program while keeping up with support raising, running my weekly programs and maintaining the relationships with my students has felt like a juggling act. But when I show up to my programs or I’m just hanging out with my students, God reminds me why I’m doing all of these things: I’m going to school for youth work so that I can share the Gospel with my students well. I’m raising my own support so that my ministry is sustainable and so I can be in the lives of my students long term. I know that all of the things in my life that feel overwhelming are gifts from God and that He is equipping me for what He's called me to.

Sarah Lahucik | Youth Engagement - Maskwacis

Posted: October 21, 2019
Category: E-News - General

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