2019 Adventures Await!

Guys! We only have 9 days to go until our team leaves for Mexico, and a little over a month before the Vancouver team heads out, too! We're pumped for these trips of a lifetime. We're planning our mid-bus ride pit-stops, our house build for Mexico, our team meetings where the youth get to meet each other and so much more!

Being on the Vancouver trip as a teenager was amazing and life changing, and I can't believe that 7 years later, here I am a staff person at CAYU and accompanying youth on the same trip. There's something so cool when you're a teenager about a bunch of other teenagers coming together to serve others for God's glory, and I think that was what changed my life. I knew I was not alone on this walk with God as a teenager, and serving people who have so little gives you an amazing perspective on life.

You can follow us on our trips through social media, and please pray along with us as we go! Pray for youth to be open-hearted, willing to serve and willing to connect with other youth on the trip. Safety is pretty very important, too. :) Thank you for journeying along with us as we bring "Hope and Wholeness to All Youth" in Central Alberta.

Paige Brose

YU Adventure Trip Admin

Posted: February 5, 2019
Category: YU Adventures - General

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