Mexico – Final Thoughts

WOW, WHAT A DAY!!! It is so cool when a group of people fixes their thoughts on loving the Lord and loving people! Throughout our house build, I got the chance to see life change almost every moment of every day. The family we were building for was overwhelmed and so thankful and our staff and youth worked their tales off to get it done.

There are so many special moments during a project like this. We walked on to a small lot with a makeshift house made out of scraps that most kids in Canada would use a temporary fort that didn’t hold out the rain. From a concrete pad to a 16X20 humble house that was described by the mother of the family as her ‘dream house’. It wouldn’t be yours or my dream house but for them it is everything. As we raised the walls of the house it seemed like the walls in all of our heart that hold us back came tumbling down.

This was an awesome challenge but the biggest challenge is yet to come. When we pull away at 5 AM tomorrow we will be leaving these experiences behind and the challenge of bringing this life change home begins. Please stand with us and pray for our youth that they would continue to be grateful, generous, compassionate and in pursuit of God’s heart for them. Experiences turn to memories and our prayers are that these memories would take hold and leave a lasting impact that pulls us in Gods way.

Posted: March 29, 2018
Category: YU Adventures - Mexico