Whoa, we’re half way there

Just 2 days to go… I can’t believe how much fun this trip has been; I’m sad that it’s quickly coming to an end. I have to keep this message short because I’m currently sitting in the Salvation Army Belkin House and serving lunch is going to start in a little bit but I wanted to share a quick sneak peek into the week!

We’ve basically formed a new and huge family, we eat together, play together, work together, as well as cry together. The conversations that are coming out of this community is simply amazing! A couple of the students have been struggling with missing home or struggling with the home life they have left but we’re seeing transformation in them all. I’ll be able to share more of the stories when I get home and have time to write it all up but in the mean time if you haven’t connected to our Cluster page click on the following link to connect to all of the photo’s and stories that are coming out of our trip. https://cluster.co/i/S6VP5CMD

Thank you for all of your prayers for myself and these kids, you are making such a difference in my life and theirs. Please keep it up though as we are coming to a point in the trip where a lot of students are struggling with decisions that need to be made as they contemplate going home. Some students with a new found faith, some with home and friend situations that they don’t want sucking the life from them any longer.

If you could also be praying for myself and my leaders that would be really appreciated as well. Some of us are struggling with health and exhaustion, though we’re still pushing through it all but we’re wanting to give the most we can to the students.

Thank you again so much for all of your support! You all are amazing! I can’t wait to share with all of you about this amazing time!

Posted: April 10, 2018
Category: YU Adventures - Vancouver

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