Our Staff

Avery Kerklaan

Youth Engagement - Rimbey

I feel very privileged and blessed to be given the opportunity to walk alongside the youth of Rimbey and surrounding areas, to mentor and guide them to a relationship with Christ. I know the heart that God has for these young men and women and it is my desire to show them their worth in the eyes of their Father. I want to see the youth given opportunities to engage in activities that are positive and to be surrounded by people that allow them to feel safe and accepted – just as Jesus has accepted them for who they are.

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Brittany Koleba

Stepping Stones - Ponoka

I am so thankful for the opportunity to join the Stepping Stones team. I am excited to be a part of loving and supporting young moms in Ponoka. I am even more excited that this love and support is in the name of Jesus. We can offer hope and healing that only Jesus can bring.

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Char Lockhart

Youth & Family Engagement

I do what I do because I love seeing how God transforms the broken hearted. Many of the most vulnerable youth and young people we walk alongside have grown up in generations of hurt, trauma and abuse; we are uniquely positioned to support not only these young people, but also their children, and partners. I desire to see families become well emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and relationally so that these generational cycles may be replaced with a legacy of restoration and new life. This is an incredibly exciting endeavor, however it is much larger than any one of us can navigate; it truly feels like a God sized opportunity, one which will allow us to work together in new and uncharted ways.

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Carolyn Mulholland

Youth & Family Counsellor

Our family moved to Alberta almost 19 years ago. I believe that our move to Sylvan Lake was to fulfill God's calling in my life and that we are all saved for a purpose. I trained as a Registered Nurse and a Midwife in Belfast and am about to complete my Masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy. I intend to be Gods instrument, empowering youth and individuals to overcome personal obstacles and to give them tools to help them cope with many of life's difficulties. I want to reflect Gods love and heart so that He is glorified. And for that, I am thankful to be a part of CAYU’s mission.

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Colton Dunn

Youth Engagement - Sylvan Lake

“The Lord’s throne is from generation to generation.” Lamentations 5:19

It’s an everlasting kingdom throughout all generations. That’s GENERATIONS with an S. It didn’t end with the older ones ahead of me and doesn’t end with my age or the ones after me. But it’s a link of the older generation teaching us, and us learning and experiencing the Father and revealing it to the ones after us. I want to get the youth coming up after me excited about who Jesus is and what He does. I want to be a voice, not an echo.

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Cora Fossen

Stepping Stones - Lacombe

I am so passionate about building relationships and supporting vulnerable teen women and moms. My hope is for every individual to know their worth and value in Jesus. I am so excited to be a part of the Lacombe community and pour into the Stepping Stones teen women through encouragement and sharing the Gospel.

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Cydney Newton

Youth Engagement - Ponoka

I am so excited to work for Youth Unlimited because I know how important it is to pour into young people, being one myself! I see the seeds that are planted, watered and harvested through Youth Unlimited and I’ve witnessed the crazy awesome things Jesus has done in people's lives. I want youth to know they have big things in store for their lives through Christ. My goal is to be a face that youth can go to in order to seek Jesus, and I am very passionate about working with teens in Ponoka.

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Dan Jensen

Youth Engagement - Sylvan Lake

I’m excited to work with Youth Unlimited because I understand how intense and formative a teen’s years are in today’s world. I know how much God desires to know us and for us to know Him and I am blessed to be a part of sharing this with the youth of Sylvan Lake and area. I want to see a safe and comfortable place where teens can come and be themselves and be accepted and loved for who they are. I am excited (and scared) to be in a place where I can walk alongside teens through issues and problems and to be a voice of wisdom, hope, and truth!

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Dee Clark

Youth Engagement - Lacombe

Relationships are an essential part of life. Every relationship has the potential to positively influence the individuals involved. Through relationships God demonstrates his love for us and teaches us what it means to be made in his image. I do what I do, because I have a passion for the youth of Central Alberta to know and be changed by the love God has for them. My hope is that God will work through me to draw young people to himself. I know I serve a good and faithful God and I am excited to see what he has planned.

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Desmond Grabo

Youth Engagement - Lacombe

Working, coaching, and teaching at-risk youth for the past 18 years has made me realize that the ONLY answer for these suffering, hurting, and emotionally confused youth of Central Alberta is Jesus Christ. I work with young men in the housing program, and all I want for each and everyone of them is that they understand, believe, cherish and accept what God promises them in Jeremiah 29:11. That He has plans for them, plans to help them prosper, He will never harm them, and plans to give them a hope and future.

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Devon Mitchell

Youth Engagement - Sylvan Lake

In a world where darkness seems to be growing everyday, and the youth of today are growing up in a time where society is moving further away from God; we as Christians need to be a light for those searching for identity and purpose. I feel so privileged to know Jesus, to know that I am a son of God and to be able to share the love of the Father with youth. I am praying for and expecting big things... GOD sized things for Sylvan Lake, Central Alberta and the world. Matthew 5:15.

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Erin Dunn

Youth Engagement - Sylvan Lake

My heart’s greatest passion is to see people encounter the love of Jesus at an early age. Our world is turning further and further from their Maker and we have the honour of introducing young people to Jesus every day through words and deeds that reflect the love of our Father. I am determined to be a voice in my generation that shares who Jesus is, why He came, and why we will never be satisfied until we surrender our lives fully to Him.

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Estelle Grobel

Administrative Assistant

Over the past year, I have been encouraged to hear and be a part of how God is working in the lives of youth around us. Whether school programs, kids finding a safe place at the Drop In Centres, Mission Trips, or just our staff meeting with them one-on-one. I get to be a part of all of this by working in the office and supporting the staff that are in the field. It is pretty cool to be a part of “something bigger”!

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Gregg Lockhart

Youth Engagement - Lacombe

As a kid, I spent a week every summer at various Bible camps or vacation Bible schools; I probably accepted Jesus into my heart every year, but there always seemed to be a disconnect when I returned home and to my school. I returned to my childhood church for a visit when I was 19, where they asked me to be a chaperone on a youth retreat. While at that retreat, a 16-year-old student led me to Jesus and began mentoring me with the help of his mentor. They modelled love and grace every day in their community and in their school; they brought the atmosphere and freedom of camp into everyday life. Since joining Youth Unlimited in 2001, I continue to strive to daily emulate my mentors, and to bring the same freedom, friendship and love that I’ve found in Jesus to the young people of Lacombe.

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Heather Huseby

The reason I do what I do is because of this amazing God we serve. Through everything that I have been through, the God of the universe wants to have a relationship with me. I want to share that crazy love with others. Especially with youth, because it is during this time that we can be vulnerable and feel like nobody wants to be around us. It is a relationship that we need and crave; to know Him fully and be fully known by Him. "Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty to attain. " Psalm 139: v4-6

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Jerel Peters

executive Director

I have a passion to equip youth and youth workers to live with hope and wholeness. I have served with Youth Unlimited since 2003, and whether that's connecting with youth or leading staff to do the same, there’s not much I'd rather do. I love Jesus, a good cup of coffee, a meaningful conversation, and I hope to live a life of great purpose.

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Katelyn Berezanski

Youth Engagement - Ponoka

My heart for youth has beat to the rhythm of the Lord’s leading for many years. I am so excited to be back in my hometown of Ponoka where I get to be a part of God’s story in inviting people into His love, grace, and hope. Youth Unlimited provides safe spaces for youth to come and be themselves and learn just how much their Creator cares for them and knows them deeply. It is a huge honour to be a part of this journey and I can’t wait to see what God does with my life and the lives of all the youth that come through our programs!

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Kathy Patrick

Grant Coordinator

I have always been encouraged by what CAYU does in our communities and the lives of young people. I often hear young adults tell me how a youth worker from CAYU supported and helped them through a difficult time in their life. As Grant Coordinator for CAYU I work to find financial support for the many projects and programs our staff and many volunteers engage in to show the youth of Central Alberta the love of Jesus.

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Katie Peters

Stepping Stones - Ponoka

I do what I do because God has placed on my heart a deep love and burden for young, teen moms. As a mom, I have been blessed to experience the amazing grace and hope that the Lord offers and now I have been given the amazing opportunity of sharing this love and hope with young girls in our community.

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Kevin Korthuis

Youth Engagement - Red Deer

I do what I do because my mentor believed in me and changed my life when I was a teenager. I am honored that God is using me to pour back into the upcoming generation of youth; to help guide them closer to God and to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks. God has built me up and changed my life forever. I want to share the same love and joy that I receive from the Father with the youth in Red Deer.

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Mary Eggink

Counsellor - Lacombe

(On maternity leave until April 2020)

I do what I do because I know that there is no greater influence and blessing than someone who will walk alongside you during the toughest years of your life. I do it because their opinions matter, their feelings are valid, and their generation is the one who will be leading next. I do it because I have been given a beautiful, divine opportunity.

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Melissa Kuipers

YU Adventures Coordinator / Director of Housing

I strive to show the love of Christ to hurting and broken youth by showing them joy, a servant attitude, and giving them laughter and friendship. I get to do this by walking beside youth who are hurting and broken, showing them glimpses of hope and wholeness through day-to-day living. I do this because this is what I am designed to do.

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Nadine Davies

Stepping Stones Ponoka + Mentorship Coordinator

I do what I do because I believe and serve a God that is compassionate and full of grace. I am passionate about showing God’s love to the young mothers of Ponoka. I am excited to be a part of a program that works hard to create an environment where these women can feel safe, connected, and cared for. My desire is that as trust is built, walls will come down, and each one of these girls will experience hope and wholeness. I am honored that God can use an ordinary girl like me to show His extraordinary love.

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Nicola Bennett

Youth Engagement

“Though you have not seen Him, you love Him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in Him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory.” 1 Peter 1:8. I want this next generation to be introduced to the heart and eyes of God...to be so captivated by Him and who He is that they will run to Him like we know His heart desires. I want young men and women in Central Alberta to be so in love with the One who never stops loving them that they are filled with a joy that is undeniable, inexpressible and awe-inspiring. The very thought of being a part of that journey in their lives, the journey that will change their lives forever, fills me with a passion and excitement beyond words. I am delighted and honoured by this opportunity and I am waiting expectedly for God to move in ways that are beyond my understanding and knowledge. We serve a good God and that is what I am here to share and show.

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Paige Brose

Administrative Assistant

I do what I do to help the youth engaged staff be able to do what they do best; connecting with youth. I help free up their time and do the fun stuff they don't love, like paperwork, emailing and social media posting! I am so excited that God has led me to work behind the scenes with Youth Unlimited and to be a part of an awesome, Christ-centred organization!

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Penny Ure

Director of Youth Housing

My favourite scripture comes from Romans 8:28: "In all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose." I heard that scripture as a young girl and held to its promise. I believe we have a lot of youth in our communities that need help understanding that they have a greater purpose; that Jesus loves them and is calling them to a life of freedom. I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of Youth Unlimited and to serve as Housing Director for the YU-Turn Youth house.

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Sarah Lahucik

Youth Engagement - Maskwacis

I do what I do because God has put it in my heart to disciple and nurture young people, specifically First Nations youth. I can’t imagine where I would be without Christ in my life, and I am so grateful that God has given me an opportunity to play a small part in His big plan. God’s grace changed me and I hope to see it change the youth in Central Alberta in the same way.

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Sheila Juuti

Youth Engagement - Sylvan Lake + Timber Coffee Co. Manager

I do what I do because I was impacted by God’s love. As a part of Youth Unlimited I’m thrilled to work with a team that is making a difference in the lives of the youth and community of Sylvan Lake. We’re reaching out accross generations, barriers, and our coffee counter with the love of Jesus every day! For me, it’s stepping into an invitation in which the ordinary can become extraordinary, and the love of Jesus can be shared one cup of coffee at a time!

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Shenoa Gislason

Human Resource Officer

My heart for youth has been something that the Lord has been growing in me over time. As He has tilled the soil of my heart, He has also been strengthening my mind and spirit in preparation for this path He has called me down. I have been working as a volunteer with Youth Unlimited for 5+ years and I am so excited to move behind the scenes, doing my part to free up our staff, who are the hands and feet of Jesus, so they can do their work. God is good and God is holy. I long for all of His children to feel the warmth, depth and security of His love.

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