Gregg Lockhart

Gregg Lockhart - "Triple G"

Youth Engagement - Lacombe

As a kid, I spent a week every summer at various Bible camps or vacation Bible schools; I probably accepted Jesus into my heart every year, but there always seemed to be a disconnect when I returned home and to my school. I returned to my childhood church for a visit when I was 19, where they asked me to be a chaperone on a youth retreat. While at that retreat, a 16-year-old student led me to Jesus and began mentoring me with the help of his mentor. They modelled love and grace every day in their community and in their school; they brought the atmosphere and freedom of camp into everyday life. Since joining Youth Unlimited in 2001, I continue to strive to daily emulate my mentors, and to bring the same freedom, friendship and love that I’ve found in Jesus to the young people of Lacombe.

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