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YU Adventure Trips!!

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A 7 day trip to Ensenada, MX to build a home for a family in poverty! Passport required!

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A 6 day trip to Vancouver, BC to partner with local agencies who serve and help the homeless population. No passport required - but we do get to enjoy two long bus rides together!

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Safety - We partner with local "boots-on-the-ground" organizations who know the culture and needs of the communities. They are reputable organizations, and we always have your youth's safety in mind as our first priority on the trip. CAYU has been leading these trips for over 20 years and we have built great connections with these organizations (YWAM Ensenada & Lifeteams in Abbotsford).

Fundraising & Costs - We do have fundraising options available. There is an online portal where online donations can be made, and we also encourage each participant to write a fundraising letter to send to family, friends, churches, etc. We will also have some group fundraisers for youth to participate in. Each donation over $20 will get an income tax receipt, however, due to CRA regulations, donations cannot be refunded if the participant doesn't end up going on the trip. There will be an added cost for travel days, as students will be responsible to buy their own meals (whether flying or driving). Food and accommodations will be provided throughout the rest of the trip.

Packing - A full packing list will be sent out to students prior to the trip, with details about bedding, appropriate clothing, etc.

Faith - These are faith-based trips, but being a Christian is not a prerequisite to attend, and any youth is welcome!

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These donate links will take you to the "team page". These donations will go towards the whole team and will be dispersed among youth who need it, or towards the extra funds needed for trip expenses.

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